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"It is with great pride and satisfaction that we write this letter of reference for Vintage Homes and associates. From inception to completion the design and building process of our custom home was managed professionally and skillfully. Vintage Homes’ knowledge, years of experience, along with their commitment to excellence and their ability to communicate effectively enabled our project to be completed within budget and by the targeted delivery date. The finished product exceeded our expectations and we bask in the compliments we receive. Based on a trusting relationship and past performance, we have employed Vintage Homes for subsequent building ventures. Hence, we are pleased to recommend Vintage Homes."

– The Humphries

""Let me first say this; like most people in this day and age of economic hardships, I was definitely on “high alert” when it came to finding the right builder to build my dream home. After all, my life savings were at stake and finding the right person was essential. Thankfully, I found Bryon Krane and Vintage Homes. As I came to know Bryon and his team at Vintage, my fears disappeared and my dreams soon became a reality. If I had questions, and I had many, they were answered (sometimes with the patience of Job!). Their years of knowledge and building expertise was evident every step of they way. Their attention to every detail is something you don’t find anymore – they truly cared about making everything perfect. Simply put, Vintage Homes built a magnificent home that I am proud to call my own. A deal used to be sealed with a handshake; confident that the end product was just as you envisioned. With Vintage Homes and Bryon Krane, it’s a safe bet that the handshake can be trusted. He builds it as if it were to be his own.""

– Kathy O'Brien


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