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Bryon Krane founded Vintage Homes LLC in 1999, with the goal to provide personalized service to customers throughout the home building process to help them build the home of their dreams. A native of the Chesapeake Bay area, Bryon worked his way up from the frontlines of construction to become Vice President of the Baltimore/Washington Region of one of the nation’s largest homebuilder corporations. But, after years of building industrial houses, he wanted a more authentic approach to building homes in and around his hometown of Annapolis.

Vintage Homes LLC was formed with a passion to customize homes/spaces to be true to the client’s vision, while providing them with great value, quality and service. We have over 20 years of experience finding the perfect structures to fit with the client’s property and lifestyle. We are proud to help people build places where their family can truly make a home to live, work and play around the Chesapeake Bay. 

As a provider of high quality, customized building, no two projects will ever be the same. Vintage is excited to individualize homes/spaces to provide our customers with a feeling of welcome that can only be gained by understanding the client’s personal expectations. Each Vintage Homes LLC customer has access to Bryon Krane and his full staff every step of the way. We consider each owner a part of our extended family and want you to be pleased with your new home. We have many "living models" all around Anne Arundel County that our owners are proud to show. Call today to arrange a showing so that your project can go from planning to reality.


Vintage Homes LLC specializes in new home construction, especially within waterfront/critical areas. Our professionals will be there to assist all aspects of the home building process in a development or a redevelopment, from permits and drafting through interior design and those last finishing touches. We are up to date with all County/State Building Codes so that the process can be seamless, and the client can focus on the project and the move-in date.  

We also provide all aspects of construction management from start to finish for the development/redevelopment of a wide array of commercial projects in Anne Arundel County. Listed below are a few of our prior projects. Let us help with yours!

  •    The Car Wash Depot on 450 by home depot, Annapolis MD

  •    Two Story New Office building at 65 SolomonsIsland Rd., Annapolis, MD

  •    The Capitol Title building Annapolis MD

  •    The Woodbridge Center Exterior renovation at 2444 Solomon Island Rd, Annapolis MdD

  •    Three Story Mixed use building office and residential condominium building at 608 Melvin Ave, Annapolis MD.


Vintage Homes LLC purchases, revitalizes and resells properties in Anne Arundel County, giving us continual work with renovations and/or additions on a regular basis. If you have an idea for an existing space or need help with renovations, we will work with you to maximize the potential of your property and get the end product you desire. 


Allow our professionals to assist you with every phase of a tenant/commercial buildout. Vintage Homes will be able to take you from planning stages through completion of your project. Here are some examples of existing build outs with which we have worked:

  • Offices at 608 Melvin Av

  • The Float Spa in Eastport

  • Annapolis Family Physical Therapy in Severna Park


Demolition services can be provided by Vintage Homes LLC for our clients or contractor services. We have safe and efficient methods to clear existing structures to get ready for new projects. Call Vintage for a free demolition quote today.


Vintage Homes LLC also provides various services to manage outdoor decks, fencing, piers and bulkheads, as well as grading and driveway projects. Call Vintage Homes to review your home or office project today.


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